Given the dramatic social situation in many Member States caused by the economical crisis and the anti-European voices predicting the breakup of the Economic and Monetary Union, the undersigned ask for More Europe.
We consider it is necessary to move to a greater European integration in order to address the current situation of social and economic crisis affecting Europe and for this reason we will join our forces as European citizens. To achieve our goal we claim that:
1) The Schengen area of free movement is the result of the political and social work of a generation knowing the devastating consequences of World War II. The Schengen area guarantees equality, security, communication, cooperation and, to sum up, freedom between European citizens. This statement supports the defense of the EU area as a whole. Any exception on this means unequal rights among European citizens and residents.
2) The symbols and the flag of the EU are not just objects. Otherwise they represent our values as a community, which are fundamental to the progress and democracy of the European society.
3) We encourage public authorities to implement a common subject on European Union in all European educational systems. The subject will include EU history, its operation and its significance in the national and international society today.
4) We consider it is urgent to establish a fiscal and social harmonization. Having in account the voices rising daily in the international arena by questioning the strength of an unprecedented monetary union in human history, we believe the more similar the economic instruments and social benefits in the eurozone are, the more reinforce the welfare state will be.

5) We believe it is very important to increase the participation of citizens in the European decision making process. With that aim we suggest the direct election of the European Commission’s President through the creation of supranational European Parliament electoral slates.

6) We believe it is essential to set only one seat for the European Parliament, either in Brussels or Strasbourg, in order to reduce costs and duplication of duties. We believe that this austerity measure will bring the institutions closer to citizens. If Brussels is chosen as the only headquarters, we suggest that Strasbourg remains as a symbol of the creation of the EU and become a peace and common history museum.
7) We propose the creation of a European Electoral Act to regulate European Parliament elections. This measure will prevent European Parliament elections campaigns to develop in national key. It would also help citizens to learn about the work of their representatives in the European Parliament, it will foster public debate and participation among citizens, and promote the visibility and understanding of policies that are decided and implemented at a European level.

The platform More Europe calls citizens to support and join the defense of a greater European integration. We appeal citizens to join forces and contribute to build a bottom-up project, which will allow all of us to feel a greater identification with the common project of the European Union. This is necessary to preserve the current unity of our continent, that has historically been fragmented, and that is currently possible thanks to the process of European integration and the institutional design created by all of us.

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It is available in other languages of the European Union:

Spanish More Europe Statement

French More Europe Statement

German More Europe Statement

Italian More Europe Statement

Polish More Europe Statement

Romanian More Europe Statement



  1. Lo C. Gutiérrez November 22, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    It is a great initiative and it makes the most of the common sense. It is absolutely necessary to stop making citizens feel as aliens within the European Union Project. Governments from Member States and social institutions have hard work ahead, but it is something really worth fighting for.

  2. Jorge Juan Morante November 22, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    Thank you. Among all do that “More Europe” is possible

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